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The idea for the site came to me when I was learning Italian to surprise my Italian boyfriend.

Many people asked if I was practicing with him, when in truth he didn't even know I knew more than “ciao” at that point!

With just self study, I became conversational in Italian in only three months. Of course, language learning is a never ending process, and so in order to continue my studies and not lose what I learned, I started this blog in February 2018.

My goal is to share reviews, resources and tips with you because I believe studying Italian by yourself is not only fun, but rewarding once you make that commitment. I know how easy it is to feel that you're not making any progress, so I will also share with you my own struggles in learning Italian, and what's worked for me from a student's perspective.

Inspired by the wonderful bars of Italy, where you can get amazing coffee, wine or liquor, I designed Italian Self Study with a drink theme. An Italian bar is the center of social life, and it's just a part of their everyday life to fare una pausa with friends.

Thanks for stopping by and joining me. Grab your bevanda of choice and let's savor Italian sip by sip!

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About Aein

My name is Aein (pronounced ay-in.) I'm an American artist, designer and writer who fell in love with an Italian, and then fell in love with the language & culture. Learning Italian has become a passion for me, just like it has for you.

When I'm not studying Italian, I am designing meaningful brands and User Experiences for small businesses and entrepreneurs at Hopemade – UX, Branding and Design Studio

If you ever have any requests, please feel free to reach out and contact me. Grazie mille!

    Photos from my first trip to Italy, 2015
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