These 5 Funny Italian Facebook Pages Will Actually Improve Your Italian


Yes, Facebook is a time-suck, but it doesn't mean you have to waste time. When you're not actively studying Italian and just mindlessly scrolling your feed, I recommend liking some Italian Facebook Pages. This way you can have exposure to Italian language even on your downtime!

And when the content makes you smile and laugh it's even better.

My goal is to introduce you to 5 Italian Facebook Pages that are originally for native Italians. Although these pages are not tutor-created content, this is a great technique for Italian language learning. I believe using native Italian content is a great, advanced way for improving your Italian. These are my favorite 5 funny Italian Facebook Pages that will actually improve your Italian.

These 5 Funny Italian Facebook Pages Will Actually Improve Your Italian

Facebook is a time-suck, but you don't have to waste time.When you're just mindlessly scrolling your feed, have some Italian Facebook Pages liked. This way you can have exposure to Italian language even on your downtime!Click To Tweet

1. I Soldi Spicci – Italian Comedian Couple Facebook Page

I Soldi Spicci is a comic duo formed by Claudio Casisa and Annandrea Vitrano. Their videos ALWAYS  make me laugh with their funny antics of being a couple. What's great about their Facebook Page is that their videos often include Italian subtitle captions. This is SO valuable to Italian language learners, because Italian can sometimes seem fast when spoken by natives!

Sometimes they might use Sicilian words or phrases, but majority of the time they are speaking Italian. This is something to keep in mind if you hear something unfamiliar.

As a way to learn new phrases, I often write down some of the phrases and ask my Italian tutor to maybe explain when it's appropriate to use, or any other information about it so I don't end up misusing it.

2. Sarah's Scribbles Italia – Italian Comic Facebook Page

Originally I followed Sarah's Scribbles in English and when she published a book, I noticed that she also released an Italian translation. This is a Facebook Page with permission from Sarah that translates ALL of her comics into Italian! Whenever I don't understand something, I can easily cross-reference the original page to read the comic in English.

I love her comics because they are funny, relevant and I just love her style. The humor is just a great addition to a sometimes depressing Facebook feed. Also, I love supporting independent artists so definitely check out her comics.

3. Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo – Italian Comedic Trio Facebook Page

Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo are an Italian comedic trio that was introduced to me by my Italian boyfriend, who is from Turin (Torino). Their humor is typically described as Milanese–or from Milan, another Northern Italian city. A lot of their jokes focus on the stereotypical differences between Northern and Southern Italy.

They are not a new comedic group, but actually have been around since their debut in 1997. They still upload little short videos on their Facebook page that can break up your feed with a bit of comedy.

4. Regno Disney – Unofficial Italian Disney Facebook Fan Page

Although a fan page and not specifically “funny” (but definitely can be!), this is one of my personal favorites. I love Disney films as that's what I grew up with watching all the time, so I really enjoy rewatching them in the languages I'm learning. Regno Disney posts video clips of all of our Disney favorites, but with the official Italian dub!

A funny tidbit: my boyfriend grew up with the Italian dub, so sometimes I say English quotes from Disney films and he doesn't get the reference! Maybe I should start memorizing the Italian equivalent to use instead. 🙂

If you're familiar at all with Disney films, or maybe know a lot of the screenplay by heart (like me!), this is a great way to get a quick immersion session in the middle of your downtime.

5. Mamme che scrivono messaggi su WhatsApp – Italian Screenshot Meme Facebook Page

The text screenshot is a popular meme for any country or language. This page focuses on “Mothers who write messages on WhatsApp” for their screenshot comedy. It goes on the stereotype of mothers (Italian in this case!) and some of the experiences with their daughters or sons. These memes are short reads that allow you to quickly get some Italian in.

If you do not know what WhatsApp is, it's a popular messaging service that most Europeans use over Facebook Messenger, native texts, etc. If you ever visit Italy, you will probably end up using this free texting app over anything else with your friends.

Be forewarned on this one, though. Because of the nature of memes, there could be typos or grammatical errors. I would double check with your Italian language exchange partner or Italian tutor if you're not sure!

Become fluent in any language with or without Facebook Pages!

Bonus: Italian Self Study's Facebook Page

Don't feel like adding a whole bunch of pages to clutter your feed? On our Facebook Page, I handpick Italian content, ranging from language tips to just beautiful videos that remind you of why you love Italy. I only share my favorites, things that I believe will be useful to you and any updates on the blog. Everything I post is catered to you, fellow Italian language lover. And as always, I appreciate your support!


I believe the technique of liking Italian Facebook Pages will be most beneficial to Intermediate/Advanced levels. However, even as a beginner I liked many Italian pages just to have them appear in my feed.

It's important to surround yourself with Italian in each part of your every day life. The more you are exposed to Italian, the faster your Italian will improve.Click To Tweet

If you have some Italian Facebook Pages on your feed, you won't ever have to use the excuse “I don't have any time.” Even on your downtime you can learn something new “by accident,” and continue moving towards your goals with Italian learning.

Have you tried this Italian learning technique yet? Are there any other Italian Facebook pages you love that I missed? Let me know in the comments!


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